Talking about films and cinema

This post will cover key vocabulary needed to talk about films and cinema.


Key verbs:

To record = to film

To double = to cover in a foreign language

To shoot = to film

To zoom in = to take a closer look

To watch = to see

To act in = to play a role

To release = to let a film come out

To show = to put on a film

To direct

To overrate

To underrate



to be set in = to take place in

to be striking

to be stunning

to be award winning

to be gripping

to be frightening

to be dubbed

to be absorbing

to be thrilling

to be captivating

to be shocking

to be disappointing

to be funny

to be hilarious

to be action-packed

to be outstanding

to be overrated

to be underrated

to be obvious

to be predictable

to be interesting

to be fast-paced

to be slow-paced



the script

the plot

a scene

the set

special effects

sound effects

the dialogue

a character

the cinema

a costume

a stunt


a flick

a motion picture

a genre

a trailer


an episode

the soundtrack

a movie

the studio


a voice over

a blooper

a spoiler

a role

the premiere

a prop

a remake

a let down


Types of films

a comedy

a romantic film

a romantic comedy = a romcom

an action film

a horror film

a thriller

an animated film

a super hero film

a documentary

a sci-fi

an erotic film

a porno

a musical

a Marvel movie

a western

a period drama

a chic-flick

a spin-off





Main character

Stunt double

Movie star







make-up artist




Key questions about films and movies?

Have you ever seen it?

What is it about?

Who appears in it?

How does it start?

How long does it run for?

Is it in cinemas?

Where did you see it?

What did you like about it?

Was it easy to follow?

How was the acting?

Did you enjoy it?

Is it your type of film?

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