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Hi everyone, welcome back to our vocabulary section. This post will look at idioms and expressions with the word England so you can sound like a real native in your Cambridge Exam English assessment. These expressions are level C1 or C2 in the European Framework for languages.

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Here are 4 useful idioms containing the word England that will help with your British English:

  1. Do something for England: When we do something for England it is like saying you need to do something with pride. We would often use it in the context of something that is difficult to do. Go on James, do it for England!
  2. Talk for England: Someone who could talk for England is in reference to someone who is very talkative, the speak a lot. We would use it in the context of describing a person who speaks a lot. My mother in law never shuts up, she could talk for England!
  3. Be as safe as the Bank of England: This is expression is a synonym of as safe as houses. If something is certain or a safe bet, we would say that it is as safe as the bank of England. We could also use it to talk about somewhere with a high level of security.
  4. Close your eyes and think of England: If you have to do something that you don’t want to do, we would tell the person to just close their eyes and think of England. It means to tolerate or put up with a situation you are not comfortable with. In the past it was used when a woman had to put up with unwanted sexual intercourse with her husband, a little sinister I know.


It is crucial to know the difference between British and American expressions at an Advanced level of English. This is why you need to use your common sense, idioms that reference a location or place in a certain country will probably be in reference to that country.

I know it can be tricky, but keep on practicing and you will manage it.


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