Well, I know what you are thinking. Phrasal verbs are confusing, right? To look forward to means to be excited about something, to come up with is to have an idea about something or create an idea. You can struggle to make sense of them all.

This is because they cannot be translated literally like most vocabulary, but what you can do is link them to synonyms.

Take a look at at our tips on phrasal verbs and phrasal verbs lists to get started.

What you need to remember is that phrasal verbs are formed with a verb + a preposition, but the meaning is always something different to the original verb.


Read the first sentence and then fill in the gaps with 2-5 words so that both of the sentences have the same meaning.


  1. I really enjoy spending time with my friends on weekends.


On weekends I _______________ with my friends.

2. I almost always spend time with my best friend in summer.


I usually _______________ my best friend in summer.

3. I have had a fantastic idea for the group project we have this week.


I have ________________ a great idea for the group project we have this week.

4. In the end I went out with my friends to watch a movie last night


Last night I _______________ going out to watch a movie with my friends.

5. Last month I argued with my best friend and now we aren’t even talking.


I _______________ my best friend and now we are not on talking terms.

6. When I have a choice, I usually choose fruit over sweets.


If I can _______________ fruit over sweets, I do.

7. We should rush if we want to get to work on time.


We ought _______________ if we want to arrive at work on time.

8. My brother is excited about graduating from high school.


My brother is _______________ graduating from high school.

9. My sister struggles with pressure during exams.


My sister has difficulty _______________ pressure during exams.

10. Since I took up skateboarding, I don’t really like swimming any more.


I have _______________ since I started skateboarding.



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