Just like with any other multilingual person, I am often asked the secrets to becoming fluent in a language and more importantly, how to learn another language effectively. 


What I always try to explain is that in reality the answer is very simple, yet difficult to put into practice.


Effective language learners can put it down to a few easy steps and this is what I want to share with you all today: The tricks to learning any language.


Have a plan

It goes without saying that learning a language is a long process and there is an almost uncountable amount of information to process, but it is clear that if you manage your time well and are organised, you will take advantage of your time to a greater degree. Make a schedule and make sure that you keep it interesting by doing various different activities.


Spend time with the language

Learning any language consists in taking many little steps in the right direction. It should be seen as a marathon and not a sprint and it won’t always be easy because it is difficult to measure your daily progress, You just need to remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. When having contact with the target language, you should do a variety of things like learn vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, writing, listening to music, watching TV, grammar exercises etc.


Have a process and enjoy it!

As humans we are slaves to routines, what we need to do is include the new language in our routine, but to do this, we need to have a process. You should have an effective process to learn new vocabulary or even when you are watching TV. This will allow you to make the most of your time and avoid distractions. It will also help you organise your time.


So, these 3 easy to remember tricks that will make sure that over time, you will be able to master any language. 


Happy learning everyone.


Also, one other thing, you should have TWO notebooks (See the following link  THE BEST WAY TO STUDY ON THE GO) to keep a record of all new words and grammar that you want to use. You should see the first notebook as your to do list and the second notebook in neat to review everything you have already seen to go over and recall language.

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