This post is all about the determiners so or such (HERE), too or enough (HERE). Follow the links to understand the grammar in depth. These determiners are really important in carrying out the Use of English Part 2: Open Cloze exercise HERE for the Cambridge Exam English B2 First and C1 Advanced.


Fill in the gaps with the correct determiner: so, such, too, enough


  1. I have had __________ of your negative attitude towards life.
  2. You are __________ unbearable at the moment that I can’t even look at you.
  3. Sydney has __________ a negative attitude that I am thinking of leaving him.
  4. We were __________ late to catch the last train and ended up sleeping on the platform.
  5. My dad has __________ a beautiful house that I would love to move back there.
  6. Lewis Hamilton’s new car is __________ slow that I doubt we will even win a race this season.
  7. Your cousin is __________ open about her personal life to be trustworthy.
  8. My new flat is big __________ for the whole family to live in.
  9. I’d say that I failed the exam because I didn’t study __________.
  10. It is not that you aren’t clever __________, but that you are __________ unfocused.
  11. I hate going out and getting __________ drunk with my friends.
  12. Do you think our teacher gives us __________ homework? Yeah, probably, he gives me __________ much homework to be honest.
  13. I have had __________ of my flatmates because they are __________ messy and never clean the flat.
  14. Your brother rarely arrives so late. I hope he had __________ time to catch the last bus home.
  15. Do you think you have learnt __________ about determiners or would you like to do a few more exercises __________ that you can reinforce your understanding?



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