Grammar: Used to, Be used to, Get used to


Within English grammar there can be some confusing points with relation to similar expressions (used to, be used to and get used to) for example. The best way to improve your understanding of these points is to put them into practical examples and also to review them in a consistent manner. See our example grammar exercises in PDF HERE


Let’s look into the intricate differences between these points: HERE


Write the correct form of used to, be used to or get used to in the space.


  1. Harry_______________ play the piano, but he gave it up some time ago.
  2. At first getting up at 6 am was horrible, but now ____________ it.
  3. It took me some time to ____________ getting up at 6 am, now it’s not a problem.
  4. When I first started to live in Spain, it took me ages ___________ the hot summers.
  5. When I was a youngster, I ___________ read books all the time.
  6. As a child I ______________ learning now, however, I find it a struggle.
  7. My wife insists on listening to opera music, it _________ drive me mad, these days I _____________ it, so I don’t get angry.
  8. My boss is always giving me extra work to do, at first it was a real problem, nowadays I ____________ it and I do what I can.
  9. My English teacher is from the midlands and has a strange accent it took me a while to ______________ the way he spoke.
  10. My grandmother________________ cook on an open fire, she tried to teach my mum but she couldn’t ____________ it.
  11. I will _______________ watching TV in German, it is so hard to understand.
  12. When you go to England, it may take you some time __________ driving on the other side of the road.
  13. I _____________________ studying every day, although I don’t like it.
  14. My son is slowly ___________ living in a small village.
  15. My whole class ____________ our maths teacher shouting when we made mistakes.
  16. He isn’t sure if he will ever __________ working overseas.
  17. I _____________ hate wearing glasses until I realised I could see well.
  18. While he is cooking, he _________ following the instructions.
  19. I have always loved going to school, my sister on the other hand ___________ hate it.
  20. When I bought my first smart phone, it took such a long time before I __________ using it.
  21. During the company restructure no one could _____________ the new working systems.
  22. If I win the lottery, I am sure I will have problems __________ having so much spare cash.
  23. We __________ have an electric oven, when we changed to gas my wife found it hard _________ it and she burnt everything.
  24. Living in a different country can be tricky until you ___________ the cultural differences.
  25. I _________ have a small car, and then I bought something bigger. It took some time, but now I _________ it.



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