This activity is a great way to prepare for word formation activities as it helps you to identify what type of word is missing.

What you need to do is read the sentence and then USING THE JUMBLED WORDS 1-19, put the letters in order to make the correct word. The questions are in order 1-19.


Unscramble the words: NOUN, VERB, ADJECTIVE, ADVERB


  1. pedns
  2. joney
  3. traher
  4. galuh
  5. snoany
  6. wasemoe
  7. gustgrel
  8. sparg
  9. wunnid
  10. sodd
  11. tishasginno
  12. geinctix
  13. ringyorw
  14. ubleort
  15. waawkrd
  16. croass
  17. drowen
  18. crueltant
  19. kringist


Fill in the gaps and answer the questions: NOUN, VERB, ADJECTIVE, ADVERB


  1. Do you _____ more time with your family or your friends?
  2. What sport do you _____ doing most?
  3. Would you _____ go sightseeing or relax when you are on holiday?
  4. What or who makes you _____ most?
  5. What _____ you most about school/university/work?
  6. Is it _____ when you meet a new friend?
  7. Do you _____ to do well in education or do you find it easy?
  8. Do you have a good _____ of many foreign languages?
  9. What is the best way to _____?
  10. Are you at _____ with anyone at the moment?
  11. Do you find it _____ that some people drop out of highschool?
  12. Do you find it _____ to get together with friends and go on an adventure?
  13. Do you find it _____ when you fail exams or get bad grades?
  14. Do you have _____ getting to grips with any aspect of learning English?
  15. Do you find it _____ to explain yourself in English?
  16. Why can it be hard to get your point _____ while speaking a foreign language?
  17. Do you ever _____ what life would be like if you had made some key decisions differently?
  18. Are you _____ to take risks in life?
  19. Is there a _____ difference between what you want to achieve in life and the progress you are making?



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