Talk about the situation with a partner and decide if you need to request information, give advice, recommend, criticise, congratulate or apologise.


The key to this is to use our speaking CHEAT SHEET or our writing CHEAT SHEET and learn clear structures to express what you want to say.


This activity is flexible and you can either:

  1. Give a one minute response to the situation as a monologue
  2. Interact with a partner about the situation
  3. Write a response to the situation


Situation 1: Your friend is going to have a baby. 

Hi, just to let you know, I’m pregnant. We are expecting twins at the end of September. We wanted you to know, but we are keeping it a secret until we have spoken to our parents.


Situation 2: You forgot to go to a first date with a girl/boy you met last night.

Hi, I have no idea what happened last night, but I was waiting in the restaurant for over an hour. I hope nothing bad has happened or you had better have a decent excuse.


Situation 3: Your friend is asking you for a big favour.

This is a bit awkward, but I need to borrow some money to cover the costs of my business. With the COVID-19 situation I am a little short of cash. Let me know if you can lend me a hand.


Situation 4: You have missed a deadline with an assignment at university.

To whom it might concern,

Assignments were due last week and I received everyone’s apart from yours. Could you let us know what happened and when we can expect to receive the assignment? I hope you realise that there is a 40% penalty for being late.


Situation 5: You need to find out what homework was set yesterday.

Hi. I know you couldn’t make it to class yesterday. Let me know if you want me to tell you want you need to catch up on. Jimmy


Situation 6: Your travel agency needs to change your hotel booking.

Dear Sir/Madam,

It appears that we have made an error with your hotel reservation and we regret to inform you that instead of a 5 Star hotel, we will need to place you in a 2 Star. We won’t be able to return you any of your payment. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Situation 7: I’m thinking of coming to London to do a university degree.

Hi, I’m considering accepting a place at the University of London. Could you tell me what it’s like to study in London and if you think I will get on well there?


Situation 8: Your cousin is angry with you for forgetting their birthday

What on earth happened last Saturday? You know it was my birthday and you didn’t ever give me a ring! I wasn’t expecting a luxurious present, but it is completely out of order to not call me or ask if I fancied going out for a drink. I’m really upset.



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