Let’s face it, learning English is hard! It seems to take forever to make something stick in your mind and when you actually want to go and use it, it is almost impossible to recall and you end up looking stupid as you stumble over your words and stutter out what you think you already knew. This feeling of not retaining information can be extremely frustrating and demotivating. What we want to get across is that it doesn’t need to be this way, everyone can retain information and recall it, but only if they learn it in the right way.


So, here it comes, 5 tips to help you retain your English learning.


Dosify your learning

The first error every novice English learner makes is that they try to learn everything at once. You can only take in a certain amount of information at a time and it is better to learn it well, not just quickly. You need to limit the amount of vocabulary you try to learn at a time to something that doesn’t stress you out.



The importance of repetition in language learning is legendary, however, some learners keep on making the same mistakes. I could lose my mind if I heard once more time in class, “We have already learnt these word, Sir”. Repeating is essential to consolidate learning, but of course, without making it boring or tedious.



More than just repeating, the best way to make sure that learning is retained is reviewing lessons in a dynamic way. Becoming fluent in English is a long process, but it can also be an enjoyable and fulfilling one.


Put it into practice

The saying goes “It is easier to remember a phrase than random words”. This couldn’t be more true than in the learning of a language. Everyone needs to use a language in a context to learn it well. You need to learn through trial and error, in real conversations.



A massive problem that can cause tip of the tongue syndrome is when you only know a word or an expression in one type of situation and you cannot apply it to another. It is essential to use language in different contexts to make sure you learn it well, then apply previous knowledge to new lessons and content to build links between concepts.


We hope these little snippets of advice have helped to keep you on track to achieving your goals. Keep on learning, stay motivated.

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