For students who are looking to enhance their English level and go from B2 to C1 level, there is a need to break some old habits and stop using simplified phrases, expressions and even individual words like connectors. One of the typical examples of this is the use of “ON THE OTHER HAND“.

On the other hand is not a C1 or C2 level phrase and there are many alternatives to it. Try some of these to demonstrate that you are an advanced level English speaker.


On the other hand has three real meanings, to show contrast, to show what comes second or to say in another way. So, here it goes, alternatives to on the other hand:



  • alternatively
  • alternately
  • at the other end of the spectrum
  • by way of an alternative
  • having said that
  • in contrast
  • in spite of that
  • on second thoughts
  • on the contrary
  • on the flip side
  • on the other side of the argument
  • rather
  • that said
  • unlike the latter



  • above all
  • additionally
  • also
  • besides
  • furthermore
  • on another note
  • on top of that
  • over and above that
  • what is more



  • adversely
  • conflictingly
  • contrastingly
  • differently
  • disparately
  • diversely
  • idiosyncratically
  • in another way
  • incompatibly
  • variably
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