What does the speaking test involve?

The speaking part of the A2 Key has 2 sections; an introductory phase and a collaborative task.


How long does it last?

The exam has a time limit of 8-10 minutes.


What level is required to pass?

The A2 is a basic level English qualification.



SCALE SCORE: 120-139 


This level shows you can:

  • understand and use basic language
  • understand simple written English
  • introduce yourself and ask simple personal questions
  • interact in English at a basic level


Part 1: The introductory phase

The candidates are asked to give factual, personal information. The examiner will ask the candidates questions about their interests, daily lives, likes and dislikes (etc). Part 1 is split into 2 phases,


Example questions:


Phase 1

Good morning/afternoon/evening. 

Can I have your mark sheets, please?


I’m … and this is ….


(Candidate A) What’s your name?

(Candidate B) And, what’s your name?


Do you work or are you a student?

(For UK exams) Where do you come from?

(For non-UK exams) Where do you live?

Thank you.


Phase 2

Now let’s talk about free time


A, How often do you do sport?

What do you like doing with your friends?


B, Where do you normally watch TV?

What is your favourite thing to do in your free time?


Part 2: The collaborative task

The candidates need to give their opinions about a situation. They need to compare, describe and discuss a situation based on picture prompts. The topics are familiar: holidays, gifts, free time, education (etc). After, there are some follow up questions on the same topic to continue the conversation.


Example questions:


Now, in this part of the exam you are going to speak together.


Here are some pictures that show different places to go on holiday.


Do you like going on holiday to places like these? Why? Why not?

I’ll say that again.

Do you like going on holiday to places like these? Why? Why not?

All right? Now talk together.



Do you think…

… going on beach holidays is fun?

… visiting the mountains is interesting?

… going to different cities is relaxing?

… going to museums and art galleries is boring?

… doing trips is exciting?


So, (Candidate A), which of these places do you like best?

And you, (Candidate B), which do you like best? 


Now, do you prefer (Candidate B) going on holiday with friends or family? (Why?)

And what about you (Candidate A)


Do you prefer travelling to a different country or staying in your country, (Candidate A)? (Why?)

And you (Candidate B)?


Thank you, that is the end of the test.





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