What do you need to do?

The 2020 version of the B1 Preliminary involves writing two texts of 100 words. You need to write an email, and then either an article or a stroy. You have the choice between the two, do not write both of them. For more information on how to write an article, see this post.


See the 2020 changes to the B1 Preliminary HERE


What is an article?

An article is a text that expresses your opinion and knowledge about something. It should be an entertaining text that gets the readers attention and informs them.


The structure of an article is simple:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Description (develop your idea)
  • Recommendation and ending



Here you can see an example article. 


You see this advert on an English-language website:

Articles wanted:

What types of sports do you enjoy participating in?

Do you prefer doing sport alone or with others?

Write an article answering these questions for the website.

Write your article.


Outdoor activities and extreme sports!

Is doing sport one of the most important aspects of our lives? We need sport to keep fit and also to socialize. In spite of this, there are many people who don’t do any.

I am keen on doing outdoor activities because it allows me to spend time outdoors and with my friends. We get to visit some amazing places and have some fantastic experiences.

Although not everyone has the time or money to do sport as often as I do, I fully recommend doing a sport so that you can enjoy your life. What are you waiting for?


Is it formal or informal?

Articles are semi-formal, meaning, you can use contractions (don’t, won’t), phrasal verbs and direct questions. But it needs an impersonal tone, try not to include the pronoun “I” too much. Instead, use “We”. See this post for more information.


Download 5 practice questions in PDF HERE

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