Success and failure when learning a language always comes down to two simple things: time and motivation. You need to think of language learning as a marathon and not a sprint – it is not something tangible that can be studied in a matter of weeks or days, it takes time and consistency. This is why we need to find time to learn wherever and wherever we can.

This post is going to look at the best ways to study on the go…


Organisation is key

The way to make the most of your time is to organise it. You need to have a strict timetable follow it. You should be realistic and assign 15-30 minutes to language learning a day.


Don’t mess about

You should not waste the small moments in the day that you can use to learn. When you are sitting on the train to work or having a coffee, use this time to review vocabulary with our 5+ method or do some listening practice.


Always carry a notebook

When you are studying a language, you need to take a not of everything. The best thing to do is to carry a notebook with you at all times and then write your notes in neat when you get home. The way to look at it is simple; if you maje a mistake and you realise that you need to review it, take a not of it, and also if you cannot remember a word in the target language, write it down and look it up.


Listen whenever you can

Take advantage of the small moments in your daily routine to listen to podcasts or sample conversations when you are washing the dishes or taking the dog for a walk, this way you can make sure that you always have time to review and learn passively.


Think in your target language

The quicker you can start to think in the language, the faster you will reach fluency. Try to actively think in the language you want to learn every day.

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