A combination of a preposition and a noun or pronoun.



More accurately, a prepositional phrase is a combination of a preposition, or various prepositions, and a noun or pronoun that in the majority of cases, modify the meaning of a noun or verb. The prepositions can include at, for, in, on, out.



at a distance

at a glance

at a guess

at a loss

at all costs

at fault

at first sight

at hand

at home

at issue

at large

at least

at length

at liberty

at most

at night

at noon

at onsight

at once

at one time

at peace

at random

at risk

at school

at speed

at that age

at the age of

at the bottom

at the door

at the end 

at the minute

at the moment

at the weekend

at times

at university

at war

at work

by accident

by air

by all accounts

by all means

by bike

by birth

by boat

by car

by chance

by check

by card

by coincidence

by design

by far

by force

by hand

by heart

by land

by law

by luck

by marriage

by nature

by no means

by now

by mistake

by oneself

by plane

by post

by process of

by profession

by reason of

by request

by right

by sea/ship

by sight

by surprise

by the time

by the way

by train

by virtue

by way of

for a cause

for a change

for a moment

for a reason

for a time

for all

for certain

for example

for fear of

for good

for granted

for hire

for instance

for lack of

for life 

for love

for luck

for nothing

for once

for real

for the rest of

for the sake 


for the time being

in a flash

in a hurry

in a mood

in abundance

in action

in addition to

in advance

in agony

in awe of

in conclusion

in contact

in contrast

in danger

in debt

in decline

in defence

in detail

in demand

in disgrace

in disguise

in doubt

in effect

in error

in the end

in fact

in favour of

in fear

in flower

in focus

in full

in the future

in gear

in general

in good time

in haste

in honor of

in horror

in memory of

in mind

in pursuit

in time

in touch

in trouble

on a promise

on balance

on account of

on approval

on authority

on average

on bail

on board

on business

on credit

on display

on edge

on end

on file

on fire

on hand

on holiday

on leave

on loan

on no account

on order

on paper

on record

on remand

on a regular basis

on scale

on schedule

on screen

on show

on strike

on suspision

on terms of

on the brink

on the computer

on the phone

on time

on trial

on TV

on vacations

on watch

out of breath

out of context

out of control

out of curiosity

out of date

out of duty

out of fashion

out of fear

out of hand

out of ideas

out of jealousy

out of luck

out of mind

out of order

put of pity

out of place

out of practice

out of reach

out of shock

out of sight

out of spite

out of stock

out of time

out of the ordinary

out of the question

out of work


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