Part 1: Multiple choice in PDF C1 USE OF ENGLISH PART 1


In this part of the exam there are 8 gaps in the text. You need to choose the best option of A-D. This is mainly a vocabulary based exercise; based on word patterns, phrasal verbs and fixed expressions. But there is an element of grammar with the use of relative pronouns, quantifiers and cohesive devices being important.


Mindfulness as you may be able to imagine is the process of bringing one’s focus to the present so that one’s experiences become far more _____ (1) and a person can be in a state of awareness that contributes to increased mental health. It is about living in the present and paying attention to the little things in life that give life its meaning. Mindfulness is a practice in which the participant centres their attention through the process of meditation and other training. The significance of mindfulness has _____ (2) a hot topic of debate over recent years and has been documented in several clinical studies.

Mindfulness has its origins in many buddhist traditions and is in fact based on zen. It has _____ (3) global fame of late because of its unique ability to deal with issues such as mental disorders and post traumatic stress disorder. It is _____ (4) increasing in popularity all over the world despite the lack of solid scientific evidence to back it up. Many modern therapies have been developed out of the principles of mindfulness and can be _____ (5) in the treating of addiction and stress among other everyday things. 

Though mindfulness has its critics and there may be some doubt _____ (6) the actual direct benefits of it, there is a proven relationship _____ (7) mindfulness and  positive psychological well-being. Due to this fact, there is a necessity for an increased amount of tangible research into the field that can identify the true advantages of the _____ (8) involved in mindfulness to separate the methodological details from the placebo effect. 


  1. A. improving B. achieving C. fulfilling D. accomplishing
  2. A. become B. worked C. switched D.evolved
  3. A. reached B. given C. received D. had
  4. A. shockingly B. impressively C. astoundingly D. concerningly
  5. A. adapted B. implemented C. conducted D.inserted
  6. A. involving B. allowing C. relating D.surrounding
  7. A. with B. between C. through D.around
  8. A. theories B. processes C. concepts D.developments


  1. The first answer is C because of the meaning. Fulfilling means to complete an ambition or achieve something desired.
  2. The second answer is A because it is the only word that does not require a preposition to have the necessary meaning.
  3. The third answer is A because it is the only verb that collocates with fame.
  4. The fourth answer is C because the meaning of the adverb astoundingly is similar to amazingly.
  5. The fifth answer is B because it can be collocated with in and has the meaning of  put into effect.
  6. The sixth answer is D because as surrounding can mean regarding or related to.
  7. The seventh answer is B because between is used to show the relationship of two things.
  8. The eighth answer is B because a process means a way of performing something.
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