Do you want to be fluent in English? German? Spanish? No matter which language you want to learn, the only way to reach fluency is through exposure to the language.

If you want to learn a language, and we mean, really learn it well. The best way to do so is by using the language. Some people do not realize that a language is something that you learn bit by bit. It is not something you can learn with giant leaps. It is the small things that count, like: reading for 10 minutes a day, listening to the radio while in the car, studying vocabulary in your lunch break.

What we want to put forward today is that the best way to learn a language is by using a multi-skill approach. A language is divided into 4 key skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening). Two of these skills are active (speaking and writing) and two are passive (listening and reading). But what we need to know is that you cannot improve an active skill without also improving the passive one. For example, the best way to improve your speaking is by listening.

What learners need to do is listen as much as they can to be able to improve their communication skills. This is why you should access our free courses in the buttons below to listen to entertaining dialogues and enhance your communication skills.

When we listen, we need to do two things. One is take notes so that you can create your own sentences and phrases with the new language and the second thing is to put it into practice a speaking partner and learn through trial and error, meaning, learn through making mistakes.

So, what you should do is listen to the example dialogues and try the free conversation questions with a partner. this way you will learn quickly and with ease. Fluency is just a few conversations away.

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