Future time clauses are used to express the future, however, they are followed by the present simple, present continuous or present perfect. For example, After I do my homework.

They often form part of the zero/0 or First/1st conditional, too. For instance, Once you get home, will you call me?


Examples of future time clauses:



I will watch TV when I finish up here.



Until the time comes, you just need to wait.


As soon as

As soon as you have eaten your dinner, go straight to bed.



If I have time later, I will meet up with your girlfriend.



While I am waiting at the dentist, I will read my book.



Once you get here, give me a call.


By the time

By the time we pass the exam, we will already have finished our degrees.

By the time you have done the coursework, it will be time for your exams.



After we have lunch, can you give me a hand.



Before I get to work, I usually have a coffee and a bite to eat.


Provided/providing (that)

You will pass the exam provided that you study hard.


As/so long as

We can go out as long as it doesn’t rain.


In (the) case

In case you need any help, you can give me a call.

Practice speaking questions:

  1. Will you get a well-paid job as soon as you get out of university?
  2. Can you go on holiday once your classes finish?
  3. When you get home, do you usually do housework?
  4. Will you be fluent in English by the time you have finished this course?
  5. Do you normally do your homework aften you get home each day?
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