What do we use the “Going to tense” for?

We use going to for three reasons, to talk about plans, intentions and predictions.



We use “going to” to talk about plans that have no fixed arrangements. We do not know the detailslike the time or place yet.

For example, I am going to meet my friends later.



We use “going to” to talk about things we want to do in the future, but we don´t know if they will happen.

For example, I am going to visit Brazil one day.



We use “going to” to talk about predictions if there is evidence or proof to indicate a certain result.

For example, I am going to fail the exam because I haven´t revised for it.


How do we form this tense? SUBJECT + BE + GOING TO + VERB

+ I am going to watch a film this evening

– I am not going to do my homework

? Are you going to help me with the washing-up?


Practice speaking questions:

  1. Are you going to live abroad in the future?
  2. When are you going to move out og your parents house?
  3. Are you going to get married one day?
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