How do we use the future perfect?

We use the future perfect to express that something will be completed at a specific moment in time in the future.


For example: Imagine that it is your graduation on the 1st July, you will say…

I will be celebrating my graduation on July 1st.

I will have celebrated my graduation on the 2nd February.


We use the future perfect a lot with these phrases:

By the time you graduate, you will have found a job.

By the age of 21, you will have passed your driving test.

When you are 40, you will have paid your mortgage.

Once you have dinner, you will have finished all of your homework.



+ I will have finished by homework by 6 pm.

– I won´t have seen the movie before I read the review.

? Will you have completed the assignment by the deadline?


Other perfect tenses include:

Speaking questions:

  1. Will you have passed your English exam by June?
  2. Will you have graduated from university by the age of 21?
  3. Will you have found a job by the time you have finished this course?
  4. Will you have handed in all of your assignments on time this term?
  5. Will you have finished your dinner before 11pm this evening?
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