Enough is most commonly used as an adjective that means sufficient. We also use enough as a determiner or a pronoun


Enough as a determiner

I don´t eat enough fruit to follow a balanced diet.


Word order:

If you follow these simple rules, you will find it easy to know where to place enough in a sentence



I lost the race because I was not fast enough.

I am not fit enough to be an athlete.

My brother is not clever enough to go to university.



I do not have enough money to pay my bills.

My cousin did not do enough revision to pass the exams.

In my opinion, the teacher doesn´t give us enough homework,


Enough of + possessive adjectives and pronouns

I have had enough of your complaints.

I can´t stand my classmates, I have had enough of all of them.


Enough as a pronoun. Enough replaces the noun

I am not going to carry on, I have had enough.

Have you had enough to eat? = Have you had enough (food) to eat?


Expressions with enough:

Enough is enough = it is time to stop

Not enough = insufficient

Funnily enough = you will be surprised


Do not confuse too and enough: Too conveys a negative meaning

We use too + adjective or too + much/many + noun

I have drank too much beer and now I am too drunk = I should not have drunk so much.


Speaking questions with enough:

  1. Do you drink enough water each day?
  2. Are you happy enough to see the world positively?
  3. If you had enough money, would you quit your job?
  4. Are you clever enough to get a degree?
  5. Are you confident enough to approach strangers and start a conversation?



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