Language exchanges are about building a community

Intercambioidiomasonline is a free online community for the learning of foreign languages. You can meet new people and learn languages from the comfort of your own home.


How can I start?

Arranging a language exchange is easy. Simply follow the steps


  1. SIGN UP : make a free profile and get access to 6 free language exchange courses
  2. ADD FRIENDS : use the friend suggestions to add people
  3. CHOOSE A COURSE : set a language learning goal

Those who stand still, get left behind…


What can I learn from a language exchange?

It depends on your language learning goal, but through a language exchange you can learn about other cultures, prepare for exams as well as make friends and improve your language learning skills.

A language exchange can be an unforgettable experience as it allows you to learn a language in a natural way through immersion.


Our courses

With our free language exchange courses, just like our structured general language and exam preparation courses focus on communication. We focus on Task-based learning strategies to give you the confidence to use language in a flexible way.

PRICES START AT JUST 25¢ a lesson…

You can also take advantage of our free grammar and vocabulary resources at the bottom of the page

Here is a preview into the steps you need to take:

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