What is the natural approach?

The natural approach to language learning is about exposure to language. It compares how first and second language can be learnt in the same way. It focuses on exposure to language in a comprehensible way and not the learning of rules or correction of mistakes.


What is the structural approach?

The structural approach to language learning is perhaps the most traditional way of acquiring a second language. it focuses on the learning of fixed grammar rules in a set curriculum and often a fixed order to make sure the learner knows how the language works and can form their own sentences within the rules.


What are the pros and cons of learning in a natural way?

For the natural method to work effectively, learners need to be immersed in the language. This, of course, requires a long period of time. The most common way of doing this is for learners to spend their whole day learning about different subjects in the target (second) language. For this to happen effectively, learners need to be engaged in the activities and also enjoy the experience. Learning in a natural way is undoubtedly the best way to master a language as it is longer lasting and also the learner builds a personal connection with the language, this is why most language learners seek to learn in this way. What the learner needs to do is take into account their time constraints and also their language learning goals.


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