What is task-based learning?

The task-based language learning method is focused on the completion of a task. Learners need to spend a set amount of time on a task with little or no correction from the teacher. The idea is that learners will learn from each other by using language in context.


What are the benefits of it?

This method is a great way to promote independence and also improve the confidence of the learner. Students can learn in a flexible and relaxed way towards their language learning goals. Enjoyment and concentration is key to the efficiency of the method.


What are the disadvantages?

This method can be a great way to learn, but students need to be motivated and interested on the task or it will not be completed to a good standard.

Time is also an issue as to be able to carry out a task well, students will need to be given an ample time to complete it.


How can it help to enhance learning?

Language learning is always more effective if the learner is interested in the task and enjoys the experience. This is why this method can help students who enjoy the freedom to express themselves and share their ideas.


Steps to success:

  • Plan the task well to make sure that their is enough to do
  • Assign roles to each of the learners
  • Know your students and their interests


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