Many English learners confuse other and another, but the difference is quite obvious when you think about it. Don´t make the same mistake and learn the difference today.




Other is plural. It is a determiner, pronoun, an adjective or an adverb. We use it to refer to a different option available. 


Other as a determiner. We usually use it before plural nouns, for instance:


I like this city, but other people prefer larger cities.

I would prefer other subjects to Art.


We also use other with uncountable nouns, like:


This music is upbeat whereas other music can be depressing.


We use other after words such as my/your/his/her/their/our


I have left my wallet in my other backpack.


Other/others as a pronoun:


My parents don´t get along, in fact, they do not even speak to each other.

I am going to move from one school in my city to the other.


The use of others:


I do not like these boots, I prefer the others.

Have you got any others?




Another is singular. The reason for this is simple, another carries an indefinite article another so we will need to use it with singular countable nouns and is used instead of an + other.


Another as a determiner:


I would like another sandwich, please.

have another class to give today.

Can I have another pint of beer?


We can, however, use the other with singular nouns, for instance:


I would like the other t-shirt instead of this one.


Another can sometimes replace a noun and in this context another is used as a pronoun:


If you don´t like this drink, would you like another?

I am quitting my job and looking for another.


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