Past continuous: Subject + was/were + gerund

To understand the past continuous well, you need to understand the verb to be


We use the past continuous to talk about a past action that is in progress.

I was running as fast as I could when suddenly I fell on the floor.

I was not working at 11pm last night.


We use the past continuous to talk about non-important information in the past.

It was raining when you called me last night.

The music was playing really loudly.


We use the past continuous with words such as while/whilst/as.

While I was watching the movie, you were answering your emails.

As I was not working hard, my boss fired me.


We use the past continuous to talk about past actions in progress at a specific time.

At 5am I was still sleeping soundly in my bed.

I was not listening to music at 7am when you rang me, I was watching TV.


To form a question, we use AUX + SUBJECT + GERUND

Were you working last night when I called you?



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