Cambridge Exam English certificates are among the most recognized worldwide and have become a requirement today for those who want to graduate from university or find a stable job here in Spain. For each and every one of you who wants to prepare one of these exams, we have gathered all of our experience and advice to ensure that your attempt to pass, does not come up short.


Know the exam and the level that is required

At all levels of the CEFR, the candidate has to complete different exercises and reach the required level. That is why it is an advantage to understand what needs to be done in the exam and how to pass each and every part of it.


Find a language school or study online?

The key to passing a Cambridge exam is to stay motivated and work consistently. With an experienced teacher it is much easier to reach your goal. The decision whether to prepare online or with face-to-face classes depends on your availability.


Set an exam date

The good thing about Cambridge is that there are calls almost every month in the main cities of Spain. You must set a goal and work as hard as you can until you achieve it.


Don’t do it alone

It is much more entertaining and motivating to study with the support of other students. You can practice together and share your knowledge.


Practice every day and consistently

It is better to learn the content necessary to pass a Cambridge Exam English assessment at your own pace and as a long-term goal. It is not the type of exam you can prepare for in a week and requires a lot of dedication.


To sum up…

In short, the best way to prepare for Cambridge assessments is in a flexible way and in a way that suits you. The most important thing is to be consistent and enjoy the process.

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