The Open Cloze element of the Cambridge Exam English assessments, whether it is the B2 First or the C1 Advanced, are always the second part of the Use of English section of the exam, for more information on the B2 First HERE  or the C1 Advanced exam, click HERE

This part of the exam is easy because it is based on the candidate´s knowledge of grammar, a great place to begin is with our HIGH FREQUENCY ANSWER LIST. The candidate needs to fill in the gaps in the text with one word (sometimes more than on option is possible)

A great bit of advice is to focus on the small grammatical words that do not really have a meaning when used alone, such as THAN, MORE, NO, NOT, IF, SO, AS, THAT, MIGHT


Try to focus on key words like these to be able to recognise which words could possible go in the gaps



If you find these phrases useful, download our list in PDF of 110 Fixed Expression for the Use of English HERE


Here is an example for you to practice at home:


The balance between work and leisure time

Our daily routines have changed immensely over the past _____ (1) decades. We spend far less time at home and much more time working, our work life balance seems upside-down. The “work to live, _____ (2) live to work” motto has never been taken in and now our lives seem to be a constant hurry from one place to the other, we get up in a rush, we eat at _____ (3) desks and we spend our lives worrying about our next deadline. We are snowed-under _____ (4) mountains of work, but the question is, are our lives better because of _____ (5) and better than the lives of those in the past? With the increased volume of work and the obsession with money _____ (6) the lack of it, we are much more stressed than in the past and this has an awful effect on our health. Stress is the greatest threat to us in this day and ages, far worse than smoking, drinking or animal attacks. We seem to work constantly, putting our health at risk to earn money, and _____ (7) later spending our money on improving our health again. It is a vicious cycle. What we need to do _____ (8) take time out of our routines to enjoy ourselves. We should spend time with our friends and family instead of obsessing about the housework. It would be a good idea to go on holiday once in a while to remember why we dedicate so much of our time to our careers.



  1. few
  2. not
  3. our
  4. by
  5. this
  6. or
  7. then
  8. is
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