In English there are many words with double meaning, these are known as homonyms. These words are usually spelled the same and also sound exactly the same, but because they are a different word class (nouns, verb, adjective, adverb), the meaning is different.


An example of this would be:


Mean (adjective) = stingy, horrible, unkind

My uncle is a mean man and never lends anything to anyone.

Mean (verb) = refer to, signify, intend to convey

I mean that you should try to study more consistently.


A false example of this would be: these words are written the same, but the pronunciation is different. Sometimes the words are written differently, but have the same pronunciation. These are called homophones


Live (adjective) = not dead, active, personal

The concert was live and broadcast from the town plaza.

Live (verb) = reside, inhabit

I live in a vibrant city in the south of Spain.


Week (noun) = a unit of time, 7 days

I have been working here for about a week.

Weak (adjective) = not strong

My left arm is weak whereas my right one is stronger.


Here is a comprehensive list of homonyms:


Address (verb) = to refer to

I am addressing you when I say “come here”.

Address (noun) = where something is located

What is your address?


Air (verb) = to broadcast

When will they air the new show?

Air (noun) = what we breathe

We breathe air.


Arm (verb) = to give a weapon to

The rebels were armed by the US government.

Arm (noun) = a part of the body

I have two arms.


Bark (verb) = the sound a dog makes

Why is your dog barking?

Bark (noun) = the outer part of a tree trunk

The bark on this tree smells nice.


Bat (verb) = to hit with a bat

In baseball you need to bat a big ball.

Bat (noun) = an flying rodent or a piece of sports equipment

I love watching the bats flying at night.


Break (verb) = to smash, to infringe

I don´t want to break my new pen.

Break (noun) = a time to relax

I need to take a break.


Clip (verb) = to cut or reduce in size

We ought to clip the hedge.

Clip (noun) = an item of stationary

I used a clip to attach the papers together.


Date (verb) = to go out with someone

I would never date him.

Date (noun) = the exact day of the year

What is the date today?


Drop (verb) = when something falls on the ground

I dropped the glass and it smashed.

Drop (noun) = a unit of a liquid

It has not rained at all, not one drop.


Express (verb) = to put into words

I find it easy to express myself.

Express (Noun) = something fast

It is the express train.


Fly (verb) = to move through the air

I can fly a plane.

Fly (noun) = an insect

I hate flies and wasps.


Kind (noun) = a type

What kind of car do you have?

Kind (adjective) = friendly or generous

My sister is really kind.


Lie (verb) = to say something untrue or to stretch out on something

I would never lie to you.

Lie (noun) = something untrue

Do you ever tell me lies?


Match (verb) = join or unite

We need to match the word to the synonym.

Match (noun) = a competitive event

What time does the match start?


Mind (verb) = to care about

Do you mind if I sit here?

Mind (noun) = your brain

I have a brilliant mind.


Pound (verb) = to hit, to beat

I am going to pound your face in.

Pound (noun) = a unit of currency in the UK

Could you lend me a pound, please?


Right (noun) = a legal guarantee 

You have no right to talk to me like that.

Right (adjective) = correct, accurate

Is my answer right or wrong?


Ring (verb) = call

Can I ring you later?

Ring (noun) = a round piece of jewelry

I wear a wedding ring.


Tire (verb) = to exhaust

This type of activity tires me.

Tire (noun) = the part of a wheel made of rubber

I bought a new tire for my bike.


Well (adjective) = ok, in a good state

I don´t feel very well.

Well (noun) = where water is collected from the ground

There is a well in the village.



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