Grammar is the basis of language and helps us to form new sentences and organise our ideas. It is best to use grammar in a communicative way so that it can be applied to language use. It is also essential to apply grammar to the exam format.


Learn fixed phrases: the use of grammar is much easier to learn through context. It is necessary to understand why certain grammar structures are used and the reason we use them, this helps us to use language in a flexible way.


Stop translating: to use grammar effectively, you must think in the target language. Translation often leads to simple grammatical errors. 


Prioritize language: when learning grammar structures, you should always think about what you need to know. You must think what is necessary and what is not. This is often determined by the way you write and speak and also the exam itself.


Read: reading is a fantastic way to passively learn grammar structures. Many native speaker cannot explain grammatical theory, yet they can use a language perfectly well. This is because they have internalised the grammar in this way, they just know it!


Apply it to the exam: you should always focus your attention on the parameters of the exam. You should be clear about what each exercise in the exam is evaluating and apply the necessary grammar to it.

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