Discussion task (4-5 minutes)

Conversation between the candidates and the interlocutor. Candidates discuss topics related to part 3 of the exam with the examiner, and they need to express and justify opinions, agree and disagree, speculate etc.


Stress and mental health

  • What changes have taken place in attitudes towards stress over the past few decades?
  • Some people state that stress is relative, what is meant by that?
  • Which benefits do people get by doing exercise in the avoidance of stress?
  • Instead of exercising, what other ways can people avoid getting stressed?
  • Some people say that because of new working styles and the attitudes of large corporations, people suffer more stress than in the past. What do you think?



  • Some people claim that travelling is one of the most detrimental industries to our environment, would you agree?
  • Why have we seen a recent rise in ecotourism?
  • What changes would you expect to the tourism industry in the future?
  • Which types of people benefit the most from the tourism industry in your country?
  • How has tourism changed over the last century?



  • Some people claim that life was easier for our parents than it is for our generation. Do you agree?
  • What would you consider to be a successful life?
  • How much influence do your friends and family have on the way you live your life?
  • What types of issues do young people need to face nowadays?
  • What can be learned from speaking to older people about their life experience?



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