Let´s face it, we all spend a great deal of time on the internet nowadays and many of us actually work from home or online. The internet has changed the way we live and we need to know how to talk about it to be able to have real conversations.


Useful nouns:


Screen = monitor


Mouse = touchpad



Desktop computer

Laptop computer

Device = gadget

Wifi = internet connection without a cable


USB stick = pen drive








File = MP3, MP4 (etc)



Here are some key verbs and phrases to help you out.


Surf the internet = use the internet

Everyone enjoys surfing the internet because it has all the information you need.


Upload = put on the internet

I am just uploading some images on my profile page so that I can find a language exchange.


Download = take off the internet

I almost never download series from the internet. 


Install = make ready to use

I need to install a new App on my mac so that i can create catchy videos.


Update = make more modern or up to date

You should update your Mac at least once a month.


Connect = associate/relate to a network

I cannot connect to the Wifi here, there is an error.


Disconnect = break a connection

Once you have disconnected from the network, you can reboot all the systems.


(Re)boot = Start up (again)

If your device shows an error, you should reboot it.


Log in = enter

I log into Intercambioidiomas at least once a day.


Log out = leave

You should log out each time you finish a session.


Upgrade = make up to date

It is worth upgrading your phone instead of buying a new one.


Browse = look casually

I enjoy browsing on this site and looking for new resources.


Look up = search for

I always look up new words online instead of in a dictionary, it is far more efficient.


Back up = make a copy

Make sure that you back up your work as soon as possible.


Sign up = join/register

I am going to sign up to this site as it looks like a great resource.


Type up = write into a document

It is a good idea to type up your notes from class in your own words to keep them organised.


Turn on = initiate session

I am just about to turn on the computer and start my coursework.


Turn off = close session/shut down

Make sure you turn off all the lights when you finish your homework.


Practice speaking questions:

  1. How often do you surf the internet?
  2. What is your favourite website and why?
  3. How long do you spend on the internet each day?
  4. Do you use the internet at work?
  5. Is the internet useful to learn English?



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