The most effective way to learn phrasal verbs is through context. Try to group phrasal verbs into different topics such as work and languages to help you learn them more effectively. Also you can get exclusive access to our phrasal verb course here at a discount.


Here are the most common phrasal verbs related to crime:



Back down – stop demanding sth

The lawyer backed down on his demands over the character witness´ testimony.


Beat up – attack with violence

The man beat up the stranger and was later arrested. 


Blow up– explode

The terrorist blew up the building.


Break in – force entry

The burglar broke in and stole cash and some jewelry.


Break out – escape from

The prisoners broke out of the prison during the fire. 


Get away – escape

I managed to get away from the police as I was faster than the others.


Get away with – not be punished for sth

My boss got away with tax fraud by bribing a judge.


Give up/in – hand yourself in

The thief gave himself up to the police. 


Let off – not punish/forgive

The police let us off in the end as we were not speeding too much.


Lock up – put in prison

We ought to lock up all corrupt politicians.


Look into– investigate

The police are looking into the incident.


Run away – flee/ escape by running

We all ran away after the protest so that we were not detained.


Tell off – shout at

The police told the children off.


Tell on – grass on

The witness told on his business partner to avoid further prosecution.


Tip off – give evidence against

The police were tipped off last night by a witness.



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