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Here are the most common phrasal verbs related to the environment:


Call for – require

Climate change calls for drastic changes to our lifestyles. 


Call off – cancel

We had better not call off the protest against climate change.


Clear up – when the weather becomes better/clean

We ought to clear up the plastic from our beaches.


Cool down – make colder

Global temperatures will not cool down until we reduce the amount of carbon gasses we release into the atmosphere.


Cut down (on) – reduce

We need to cut down on the amount of electricity we use.


Cut down (trees) – chop trees down

Large corporations cut down too many trees in our rainforests.


Cut out – stop using/doing

We need to cut out using disposable plastic bottles.


Deal with – handle

How could we deal with global warming?


Die out – when all of sth dies

About 30% of all species will doe out in the next 100 years.


Dispose of – get rid of

We need to find a solution to the disposal of plastic waste.


Face up to – accept as true

National governments need to face up t0 the consequences of their actions.


Give off – emit (fumes etc.)

Cars give off many fumes.


Heat up – make hotter

The weather is heating up due to the effect of greenhouse gasses.


Look after – take care of

People should look after the local natural area. 


Put down to – suggest that sth is the result of sth

I put global warming down to bad long-term planning.


Stand for – represent sth

I stand for the rights of all living species.


Stand up for – defend/protect

We need to stand up for animal rights.


Throw away – get rid of/put in the bin

We should always recycle instead of just throwing things away.


Wipe out –  eliminate

Many species in the oceans have already been wiped out.



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