Learning a language is more about getting qualifications and advancing your career prospects, I know. But what I want to do in the post is argue why it might be a good idea to prepare for an official exam from either Cambridge Exam English, Trinity College London or the British Council.

When we learn a foreign language, we make an important life choice; our motivation to do so depends on many factors. But one thing that most people who learn a foreign language have in common is that they want to make a change in their life.

An essential part of being successful in our language learning journey is staying motivated so what the learner needs to do is find what motivates them and use it to achieve their goal. This in many cases can be employment or the ability to travel the world and have new experiences. Whichever of these is your motivation, what you need to understand is that a language takes time to learn. A great piece of advice is to focus your time on what you want to learn and create a clear plan in order to achieve it. Preparing for an exam is very different to learning a language in general and in many ways it can be a lot quicker. When a person can focus on specific tasks and learn the way to complete those tasks to meet the evaluation requirements, it can be very motivational as it gives you focus and you concentrate exactly on what you need to know and how to prepare for it.


Preparing for an exam is very different to learning a language in general and in many ways it can be a lot quicker.


Language exams are an important part of language learning as they give us structure for our learning and they also help us to set objectives. There is no wonder that millions of people around the world each year do official exams and use these qualifications to prove their linguistic abilities.


That said, the most effective way to prepare for a foreign language exam is to learn in a structured and consistent way. It is much easier to prepare from within a language learning community than to prepare alone.

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