Certain words in English sound exactly the same as each other and can be confusing. In fact, many native English speakers confuse these words as they sound exactly the same. We are going to explain the difference between THERE, THEIR OR THEY´RE so that you do not make the same grammatical mistakes.


There has multiple meanings and can be used as an adverb, a pronoun, a noun, an interjection, or an adjective.


There when used as a noun is used to talk about place; My car is over there. I live there, next to the park.


There is used as part of there is/are; There is a park next to my house. There are 25 people in my class.


Their is a possessive adjective and used to define the possession of they.

This is their house. It is not my backpack, it is their backpack.


They´re is in fact two words “They are” that are joined as a contraction. A pronoun (they) and the verb to be (are).

They´re very tired today so they won´t come to the gym. My children are behaving badly today because they´re very tired.



To use grammatically correct English, it is essential to know the difference between these similar words for example: like or as, make or do, for more information see one of our courses.




Practice questions:

  1. Are there any foods that you dislike?
  2. When was the last time that there was snow in your city?
  3. Why do people spend most of their money on leisure activities?
  4. Would you get annoyed if someone refused to share their free time with you?
  5. Do you think that people in your country are friendlier than in other countries? Why do you think they´re kinder?
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