When we talk about our feeling, there are many ways of expressing excitement and the fact that we are extremely happy about something. We are referring to when something strongly appeals to us and we get a strong feeling of excitement. Let´s take a look at the synonyms of excite:


Be excited about/by

I am really excited about passing my exams.

I am really excited by the whole situation.


Be exhilarated by

I am exhilarated by the job offer.


Look forward to

I am looking forward to meeting your parents.

Are you looking forward to doing your Erasmus year abroad?


Be thrilled about/by

I am thrilled about your visit next summer.

I was thrilled by your incredible news.


Be delighted about/by

I am so delighted about your marriage.

My father was delighted by my promotion.


Be eager + full infinitive

I am eager to finish my degree and be able to go traveling.


Be over the moon about

I was over the moon last night when I met your friends Sandra.


Be as high as a kite

I was as high as a kite when I received my GCSE grades yesterday.


Be on cloud-nine

We were all on cloud-nine after the end of term trip.


Be moved by

I am always really moved by your kind actions.



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