When we talk about our dislikes, we are referring to when something doesn´t appeal to us. To advance your English level, you need to vary the way you use the verb to dislike and also use its synonyms. We have already looked at like, now let’s take a closer look at dislike:



I dislike my new boss; be is so annoying.



I despise being treated like a child.



I detest working overtime on weekends.



I hate going to church on Sundays.


Can´t stand

I can´t stand doing pilates.



I loathe eating fish and chips.


Feel distaste for

I feel a distaste for doing calculus at school.


Go off

I have gone off my job.


Object to

I object to having to do things that I don´t want to do.


Have an aversion to

I have an aversion to listening to people complain all the time.


Show hostility towards

We should never show hostility towards other people.



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