When we talk about our likes, we are referring to when something appeals to us. To advance your English level, you need to vary the way you use the verb to like and also use its synonyms. Now let’s take a closer look at like:



I love going to the cinema with my kids.



I enjoy working out in the morning.



I adore reading a good book on the beach.



I prefer listening to music to watching TV.


Be hooked on

I am hooked on drinking freshly squeezed orange juice each morning.


Be keen on

I am keen on spending time with my friends and family.


Be fond of

I am fond of surfing the internet.


Be a fan of

I am fan of writing articles for my blog.


Be interested in

Are you interesting in learning languages?


Be crazy about

I am crazy about speaking foreign languages when I am abroad.


Be mad about

I am mad about meeting new people and having a good time.


Be addicted to (colloquial)

My sister is addicted to using her mobile phone; she can´t put it down.


Be into

I am into working in a team more than working by myself.


Appeal to

Learning a foreign language really appeals to me.


Be pleased by

I am pleased by your latest news; congratulations!


Take to

I have taken to eating blue cheese.


Cannot get enough of

I cannot get enough of this beer; it is delicious.


have a good time

I have a good time when I get hooked on a good book.


Have fun

I always have fun with my best friends.


Have a great time

I am having a great time at the party.


Have a taste for

I have a taste for watching horror movies on weekends.


Have a whale of a time

I had a whale of a time at the party last night.


Practice questions:

  1. Do you enjoy learning English?
  2. What do you most like doing at weekends?
  3. When was the last time you had a great time?
  4. Does living abroad appeal to you?
  5. What type of music are you into?



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