There are many different ways to express happiness; when you want to show a  higher level of language, you need to know various synonyms of a word to be able to speak in an agile and flexible way. Here are just a few suggestions:


Be happy

I am so happy to be improving my English.


Be thrilled

I was thrilled with the news about your baby.


Be exhilarated

I am exhilarated by the way I am improving my English.


Be content/contented

I was extremely content with the way you spoke to me.


Be beaming

My sister was beaming at her birthday party.


Be cheerful

I am really cheerful this afternoon because I am going to spend time with my friends and family.


Be merry/jolly

I am always very merry and jolly at Christmas.


Be delighted

I was delighted by what happened after the graduation ceremony.


Be over the moon

I was over the moon when I found out the big news.


Be a happy-camper

My boss is not exactly a happy-camper.


Be on cloud-nine

I was on cloud-nine by the end of the evening.



A little bit of grammar: GET + ADJECTIVE

Get + happy = become happy or start to feel happy

For more examples, click HERE


Practice questions:

  1. If you are feeling cheerful, is it easy to notice?
  2. When was the last time you were over the moon about something?
  3. When you are thrilled about something, who do you normally talk to?
  4. Will you be on cloud-nine if you learn to speak English fluently?
  5. Are you a happy-camper at the moment?



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