There are many different ways to express anger in English; it is important to be able to speak in an agile way and vary your vocabulary. This is how we enhance our level. Here are just a few suggestions:


Be angry

I was so angry when I found out.


Be annoyed

I am so annoyed about what has happened.


Be cross

I will be cross if you do not listen to me.


Be furious

My boss was furious about the incident.


Be mad

We will be mad if things do not go our way.


Go crazy

I want crazy about what you said to me last week.


Lose it

Sorry for losing it yesterday, I shouldn´t have got so angry.


Hit the roof

I really hit the roof last week after my boss shouted at me.


Be irate

I was irate so I went for a walk to calm down.


Be livid

My life will be livid when she finds out.


Be seething

I was seething about the whole horrible situation.


Be infuriated

My mother was infuriated by my actions as a child.


Be steaming

I have been steaming all day and I am not sure how to calm down.



A little bit of grammar: GET + ADJECTIVE

Get + upset = become sad and annoyed I get upset easily when I feel tired.

For more examples, click HERE


Practice questions:

  1. How often do you get annoyed?
  2. If you get upset at work, who do you talk to?
  3. Do you get infuriated by other people easily?
  4. When was the last time you hit the roof?
  5. How do you react when you are furious?



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