Learning a foreign language is a wonderful experience. It opens your mind, encourages you to collaborate with other people and also makes you seem more intelligent 😉

This post isn´t going to look at why you should learn a foreign language, but better it is going to look at which languages you will need most in the future.


Of course, it depends on your location and the field of work that you want to go into, but some languages, especially the mainstream languages seem to have more importance than other:


⊕ English

English is and will be the main language in tourism and the business world for the foreseeable future. It is the most popular language to learn with there said to be 1.5 billion learners currently.


⊕ French

Many French speaking countries and ex colonies are set for a population explosion, so as well as being the language of love, it might get you a job in the future too.


⊕ German

Germany is the economic superpower of the European Union. That is why this language is increasing in popularity. English actually originates from the same roots as German so it is quite easy to learn if you already know English; it also is the country known for beer and sausages, so it is a great place to visit!


⊕ Spanish

It is said that 33% of people in the USA speak Spanish, and also Spanish is the most widely spoken language when we take into account only native speakers. Spanish has romance roots so it is a great option to begin with and is fairly easy for French, Italian, English and Portuguese speakers.


⊕ Mandarin Chinese

It goes without saying that China is the emerging economic superpower. The importance of this language knows no limits!


⊕ Arabic

Arabic countries still hold a great influence in our economies due to their abundance in raw materials. Arabic is a challenging language to learn, but it is extremely poetic and widely spoken, it is definitely one of the languages of the future.


We have only mentioned a few of the options available to us, the important this is to set a goal and to learn to enjoy your learning experience. It is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, so what are you waiting for?

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