I am tired. I feel tired today. As in many different languages, there are various ways to express tiredness. We are going to take a closer look at how to express tiredness in English.


Be tired

I am really tired today because I have not slept well.


Be sleepy

I am so sleepy today as I haven´t slept.


Be exhausted

My boss is exhausted because she works too much.


Be knackered

I am knackered this eventing because I had a really intense workout this afternoon.


Be pooped

My son is pooped because he has been playing all day.


Be Shattered

I am off to bed because I am shattered.


Be done (in)

We are done in so we are going to have an early night.


Be ready to drop

We were ready to drop after dancing all night.


Be dead on your feet

I am dead on my feet right now.


Be ready to hit the sack

Are you ready for the sack yet? I am off to bed.


Be burned-out

Of you work too hard, you will get burned-out.



A little bit of Grammar: GET + ADJECTIVE

Get + adjective means to become something, in other words, it makes adjectives reflexive.

Get tired = become tired I get tired easily now that I am in my fifties.

For more examples, click HERE


Practice questions:

  1. How do you unwind when you are exhausted?
  2. When you are dead on your feet, do you stop to have a break?
  3. How can you stop yourself from becoming too tired?
  4. What time are you normally ready to hit the sack?
  5. If you are sleepy in the morning, do you usually have a coffee?



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