Work and obligations: enhance your English with our phrasal verb topics


Work away – work abroad

I will be working away for the next few weeks so I will be unreachable.


Work on – spend time to try to perfect something

We ought to work on the new App if we want it to meet the deadline.


Work out – solve or find a solution to something

Have you worked out how we could reach more customers?


Catch up (on/with) – reach the same level as somebody

I need to catch up on the invoices to be able to stay on track.


Take to – become good at/become a habit

We have taken to the new job roles with ease.


Go over – review

We have to go over the minutes from the meeting.


Opt out of – decide not to do something

In the end we opted out of the business merger.


Take over – take control of something

Google are going to take over my firm next month.


Take on – hire/employ someone

My company are going to take on 5 new employees next month to meet the demand.


Carry out – do sth/realize an action

We are carrying out a refurbishment in the office at the moment.


Back out (of) – decide not to do something

Do you want to back out of the agreement already?


Turn down – reject

We might turn down the contract offer.


Set up – start a business

I have just set up a new online business.


Stand in for – substitute

Do we have anyone to stand in for James while he is on paternity leave?


Bring out – start selling a new product

We brought out this new product in 2019.


Keep on – continue

We should keep on developing the new courses for the launch.




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