Sentence transformations are easy when you know how. The best way is to learn through practice and organisation. We recommend that you go through the 110 essential expressions for sentence transformations. Learn through doing real exam examples and recognising patterns: there are some specific grammar structures that you need to be able to recognise and use effectively.

The reason that sentence transformations are included in the majority of language exams is that they test you agility and flexibility in a language, they demonstrate that you can explain yourself in various different ways. This is a key skill when using a language.

Our powerful method will enable you to do any sentence transformation with ease and we have hundreds of exam examples for you.

We have hundreds of example rephrasing exercises available. Download them here and practice as much as you can!

Here are some of the most high frequency grammar structures used in advanced sentence transformations:



As soon as you realise you have made a mistake, let me know.


No sooner than you realise that you have made a mistake, let me know.


Reported speech

My best friend stated that he would not be coming through on his promise because of personal reasons.


My best friend refused to follow through on his promise for personal reasons.


Modal verbs

It might not be worth getting into detail during the annual meeting.


There might not be any point in getting into detail during the annual meeting.



I wish I had paid more attention to what you were saying as I am lost now.


If only I had taken more notice to what you were saying  because I am completely lost.


Cleft sentences

What I want to leave nice and clear is the need to practice your English every day.


The point I want to get across is that you need to practice your English every day.

To carry on practicing sentence transformation, download our free exercises in PDF

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