We want to explain to you why a language exchange is the most effective way to learn and practice a foreign language.

You need to learn a foreign language for work, right or maybe to finish off your degree? There are hundreds of great reasons to learn a foreign language, but I am sure you have always been thinking “What is the best way to learn?”

A really important part about learning a foreign language is creating both an effective environment to be able to learn and also a positive attitude. We need to understand that learning a is about not only dedication and hardwork, but also fun. If we can learn to enjoy our time using a language, you will become fluent in no time!

Language exchanges have several advantages, for example, they are about making friends and finding a personal connection. When we make friends with a common interest in learning a language, learning turns into a hobby and something enjoyable, you will look forward to your lessons!

Another amazing benefit of learning a foreign language with an exchange is the cost. On average a speaking lesson will cost you between €15-35 an hour, on this platform you can have unlimited speaking practice for FREE!


There are a couple of obstacles that adults need to overcome to be able to Learning a foreign language as an adult is a little bit difficult for some people as the general opinion is that you need to learn as a child to reach full fluency, but this opinion is based on failed or misquoted studies. What adult learners need to do is change their way of thinking to take a positive attitude towards their learning. We need to accept that learning through trial and error is the best way to learn as our mistakes are the way we increase our language database and become fluent.

One of the main reasons we have created Intercambioidiomas is to prevent the two biggest problems of trying to learn a language independently; being time-wasting and lack of opportunities. The first issue is that with a language exchange, it is rare that any of you are a teacher so you need structure for your learning, we provide that for the affordable price of €9.99. We have also built up a huge community of thousands of learners so you will always have someone to practice with!

So, if you have any questions, send us a message or if not, sign up for a course today! Welcome to the site and we are eager to get started with you.

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