The most usual method to introduce phrasal verbs into speech or writing is through substitution. You take a word, LIKE for example and put it into a sentence, “I like reading books about dinosaurs”. Then you take the term LIKE and replace it with the phrasal verb that you want to use, “I AM INTO reading books about dinosaurs”. This way the student begins to incorporate simple phrasal verbs into their language use. A great way to practice this skill is by learning how to match phrasal verbs with their synonyms. Find out = discover information, look after = take care of. Language learners must practice exercises such as matching phrasal verbs with their synonyms, antonyms and similar expressions.


Find out – discover information

I am eager to find out more about computing and programming.


Work on – dedicate time to perfect sth

We had better work on our project over the weekend to start up with a bang.


Work out – find a solution/resolve

Who might be able to work out the problems we have been having?


Carry out – perform an experiment

Carrying out a project like this takes a lot of extensive planning.


Come on – make progress

My website has come on a lot over the last few years.


Come up with – think of

I think I might have come up with a solution for the server issue we have been having.


Turn into – become/change into

This could turn into a useful App if we design it correctly.


Plug in – connect to a power supply

I am going to plug in my laptop so the battery doesn´t run out.


Build up – construct a lot of buildings

Modern cities have been built up a lot over recent decades.


Turn off – stop a machine from working

I am going to turn off the computer at 8 pm so that I can take it easy.


Come off – succeed

I think this business venture might come off with a bit of luck.


Look forward to – be excited about

I am really looking forward to setting up my own ICT business.


Catch up with – speak after a long time

We need to catch up with the work that we missed last week.


Get up to date – have the current information on

I am going to get up to date on the course I am writing.



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