The most effective way to learn phrasal verbs is through context. Try to group phrasal verbs into different topics such as work and languages to help you learn them more effectively. Also you can get exclusive access to our phrasal verb course here at a discount.


Here are the most common phrasal verbs related to sport:


Take up – start doing

I am looking to take up a new sport in the spring, but I don´t know which.


Work out – do sport

I work out at least 3 time a week to stay in shape.


Turn up – arrive/ be present

My brother is the best player on the team, but he hardly ever turns up.


Give up – quit/stop doing

If you have trouble doing something, it is important to persevere and never give up.


Join in – Take part in

I would like to join in the tennis match, if you don´t mind of course.


Get by – do the minimum

I´m not great at golf but I can get by.


Work on – dedicate time to

I need to work on my golf swing if I want to improve.


Warm up – prepare

It is important to warm up before doing exercise and also to cool down afterwards.


Knock out – eliminate

We knocked out our rivals in the semifinal so we are super happy.


Remember that the key to learning phrasal verbs is practice, take a look at our complete phrasal verb list and exercises in our extensive resource database.

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