INTERCAMBIOIDIOMAS is an innovative alternative to conventional language learning with our principle aim being to build a language learning community that nurtures collaboration, enjoyment and communication. Our mission is to connect our users with like-minded people, and provide language learning opportunities with real life language learners in a cost effective way.

We seek to stress the importance of language and its unique ability to bridge cultural divides and build friendships through a sense of community. This platform´s purpose is not only about education and training, but also for people to connect with similar individuals to themselves that are also looking for motivation, friendship and communication.

It aims to OPEN OUR MINDS!

The future is here and language learning is moving online. The internet is the best means to consistently be in contact with a language in a flexible way that suits the learner. Our platform offers language learners the chance to access their profiles 24/7 and always be able to communicate with others.

Through our vast experience in the teaching and learning of languages we have sought to deal with the main gripes that language learners have with conventional language learning platforms; being unaffordable classes, expensive and overused resources, and also outdated teaching techniques. By using our powerful language learning platform, learning a language in a communicative manner has never been easier.

What makes INTERCAMBIOIDIOMAS special is the fact that the focus is purely on the user. It is not a matter of only buyers receiving attention. We know what language learners want because we ourselves are enthusiastic language learners! You as the user can learn what you want, how you want, where you want at a time and pace that suits you. There is no more wasting time and your learning shall not be dictated by rigid curriculums or hesitant teachers.

Both students and teachers are welcome in our language learning community and we promote fully the communication and collaboration between both parties. If you are a student looking for a language exchange, you are in the right place! If you are a teacher in search of new teaching resources, this is just the place!

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