Word formation is an essential part of any English language assessment and should be treated as a priority. Word formation refers to the word families, meaning the different forms of a single word (noun, verb, adjective, adverb). Word formation is a key part of all levels of language use from A1 to C2. You should always learn all the forms of the words with the START method to consolidate them and follow our word formation list to help memorise them.

To make the learning of word formation easier, it is recommendable to focus on the word class. A good thing to do is know the different forms of the word to enhance your writing skills. For example; know (I know a lot of English vocabulary) or knowledge (I have a vast knowledge of English vocabulary.

We have created a tick list so that you can mark them off as you learn




  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • I
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • N
  • O
  • P
  • R
  • S
  • T
  • U
  • V
  • W




  1. On account of his __________ (ABSENT),  we can´t hold the meeting
  2. Your behaviour was completely __________ (APPROPRIATE)
  3. I find her extremely __________ (ATTRACT) to tell the truth
  4. I have the __________ (ABLE) to get really good at this language
  5. That can’t be right, I believe your calculations to be __________ (ACCURATE)
  6. I could do with some __________ (ASSIST) on the issue
  7. When you have a job interview, your __________ (APPEAR) is really important
  8. The technology at our disposal is really __________ (ADVANCE) nowadays
  9. It is healthy as it has no __________ (ADD) sugar
  10. I am extremely __________ (ADDICT) to my mobile phone
  11. I had a horrible __________ (Argue) with my brother about Brexit
  12. __________ (ACT), I can see where you are coming from
  13. The house is expensive, but __________ (AFFORD)
  14. Could you give me a piece of __________ (ADVISE), please?
  15. We have a special __________ (ARRANGE)



  1. At the __________ (BEGIN) I thought we would never make it on time
  2. I am not a __________ (BELIEVE) in any spiritual matter
  3. I am going to die of __________ (BORE) if we don´t go out soon
  4. I am known for my __________ (BRAVE) in battle
  5. He is a well-__________ (BEHAVE) child
  6. There was a __________(BLOCK) in the supply line
  7. I want to move __________ (BROAD) soonish
  8. There are loads of __________ (BEG) in my city
  9. You can put your __________ (BELONG) wherever you like
  10. I have made a __________ (BOOK) at our favourite restaurant



  1. It comes from a ___________ (CREDIT) source
  2. This city is full of bright and __________ (CREATE) students
  3. Royalty do not mix with the __________ (COMMON)
  4. I have a very good __________ (COME) and I save most of it
  5. Can I borrow your phone __________ (CHARGE), please?
  6. The ___________ (COVER) will take him weeks
  7. I am __________ (CERTAIN) of its significance
  8. I would say that the number of __________ (CYCLE) is increasing
  9. It is a __________ (CHOOSE) between two options
  10. I have an enormous stamp __________ (COLLECT)
  11. If you do not have a lot of __________ (CONFIDE), you should fake it
  12. This is just a __________ (CONTINUE) of what I was saying earlier
  13. There are a __________ (COMBINE) of factors that need to be considered
  14. Have you seen the __________ (CONTAIN) that I keep my screws in
  15. I need to make a few more ___________ (CORRECT) before handing it in
  16. As far as I __________ (CALL) it is a wonderful place to go with kids
  17. I would like to make a __________ (COMPLAIN)



  1. I need to read the full __________ (DESCRIBE) before I form an opinion
  2. There are many ___________ (DIFFER) things to consider
  3. I am into reading about __________ (DANGER) animals
  4. We are now part of an __________ (DEPEND) republic
  5. I never buy __________ (DESIGN) clothes unless they are on sale
  6. We ought to make a __________ (DECIDE) pretty soon
  7. Do not underestimate the power of __________ (DENY)
  8. Have there been any __________ (DEVELOP) with our project?
  9. What is the __________ (DISTANT) from here to Bilbao?
  10. The __________ (DESTROY) of our rainforests is particularly concerning
  11. The __________ (DETAIN) of the terrorists was the number one priority
  12. It may come as a __________ (DISAPPOINT) to find that you have failed the exam
  13. The _________ (DELIVER) can vary by up to 20 days
  14. Could you help me to _________ (DO) my zip?
  15. I would lock all of the drug __________ (DEAL) up if I could.



  1. I seem to learn languages with __________ (EASY)
  2. He was __________ (EXTREME) lucky to get away with that
  3. It was an __________ (EMOTION) day for everyone
  4. I think the __________ (EXCITE) had got the better of me
  5. It was an __________ (EXCEPT) achievement
  6. He has a lot of __________ (EXPECT) from his parents after attending a private school
  7. It seems to be an __________ (EFFECT) form to evaluate the students
  8. I found the whole experience quite __________ (ENJOY)
  9. Do we have any sound recording __________ (EQUIP)?
  10. __________ (ELECTRIC) prices continue to rise
  11. There is a lot of __________ (EMPLOY) in Spain
  12. The CEO is great at __________ (EVADE) difficult questions
  13. The __________ (ERODE) of our coastline is particularly concerning
  14. Carbon __________ (EMIT) are causing global warming
  15. There was a huge __________ (EXPLODE) in the North Sea on one of the oil rigs.
  16. __________ (ENDURE) sports are getting very popular
  17. I have no formal _________ (EDUCATE), but I make up for it with work experience
  18. I could tell by the __________ (EXPRESS) on his face that it was a mistake
  19. My job is a never __________ (END)battle between the clients and our management team
  20. My annual _________ (EARN) were just over $30,000



  1. I was __________ (FORTUNATE) not to win the competition
  2. Is it much _________ (FAR) to the top of the mountain?
  3. I am __________ (FASCINATE) by everything related to languages
  4. I am __________ (FEED) up of listening to complaints
  5. It was a __________ (FANTASY) day out to the zoo yesterday
  6. I have a very strong __________ (FEEL) of guilt
  7. What were the surveys __________ (FIND) in the end?
  8. I have 2000 __________ (FOLLOW) on Facebook
  9. Hurry up! Our __________ (FLY) leaves in just over an hour
  10. My __________ (FREE) is the most important thing in my life



  1. The __________ (GROW) of our tree is quite astounding
  2. I have __________ (GET) to renew my driving licence
  3. We had a huge _________ (GATHER) for our school reunion
  4. I am going to buy this shirt, it is a complete __________ (GAIN)
  5. I thought that I was a __________ (GO) until the fire brigade rescued me
  6. We have four __________ (GUESS) staying at our hotel
  7. I think __________ (GAMBLE) should be illegal.



  1. I am __________ (HEALTH) than you are
  2. What is the __________ (HIGH) of Everest?
  3. The treatment of refugees is __________ (HUMAN)
  4. ___________ (HAPPY) cannot be bought with money
  5. I am __________ (HOOK) on a feeling and I am high on believing
  6. I have a cup __________ (HOLD) in my car
  7. Do you know how to __________ (HAND) pressure at work?
  8. Thanks, you have been very __________ (HELP) with my studies



  1. It is a very __________ (IMPRESS) place to visit
  2. I have a very serious __________ (ILL)
  3. What was your __________ (INTEND) when you started the project?
  4. I have made a remarkable __________ (IMPROVE) with my language skills
  5. The police were getting information from the __________ (INFORM)
  6. His __________ (INSIST) of his innocence almost convinced us
  7. For __________ (INSTANT), where do you want to buy a house?
  8. It is a very __________ (INTEREST) project
  9. The worst __________ (INVENT) ever was the mobile phone
  10. I never buy __________ (IMPORT) fruit and vegetables
  11. I have a very vivid __________ (IMAGINE)
  12. I would love to study __________ (ILLUSTRATE) at university
  13. I have made an important _________ (INVEST) in the football club
  14. Could you give me the ___________ (INSTRUCT) to make the model



  1. I have an excellent _________ (KNOW) of spanish history
  2. I can´t carry on because I am __________ (KNACKER)



  1. What is the __________ (LONG) of the table?
  2. I have made a huge __________ (LOSE) in the stock market
  3. I am an extremely ________ (LUCK) person
  4. The plane was coming in for __________ (LAND)
  5. My sister is not a _________ (LIE), but she exaggerates the truth



  1. It is a __________ (MIX) of a combination of factors
  2. You need to __________ (MOVE) the plastic packaging
  3. I need to take a few more ___________ (MEASURE) before I begin
  4. What would be a ___________ (MEAN) contribution for you?
  5. My cousin is really ___________ (MATURE)for his age, it´s a shame
  6. I find it easy to ___________ (MEMORY) new vocabulary
  7. Can I speak to the __________ (MANAGE), please?
  8. I need another __________ (MARK) for the board



  1. It is a wonderful ___________ (NATURE) product
  2. Tom didn’t understand the _________(NEED) of getting up so early
  3. We need to find a _________ (NEW) energy source to replace fossil fuels
  4. My children are playing very __________ (NOISE)
  5. I have made a __________ (NOTE) improvement



  1. Is there an __________ (OPEN) at your company? I think I am going to need a new job
  2. I prefer the __________ (ORIGIN) version of this film
  3. Sorry for not getting back to you, I have been really __________ (OCCUPY)
  4. The _________ (OWN) of the white Toyota Verso should report to the office after class
  5. I find it hard to follow __________ (ORDER)



  1. I am a very __________ (PICK) eater
  2. I love going to the countryside, it seems so __________ (PEACE)
  3. It was a __________ (PLEASE) to meet up with you last week
  4. I am quite __________ (POPULAR). I am not sure why, maybe I am misunderstood
  5. It was an incredible __________ (PERFORM) from Muse
  6. It is not good to be a __________ (PERFECT), you just make everyone feel bad all the time
  7. I can’t do this, it is __________ (POSSIBLE)
  8. Happiness is all about __________ (POSITIVE)
  9. I don’t want a motorbike, they are so _________ (PRACTICAL)
  10. __________ (PATIENT) is a virtue
  11. The police do not have any solid __________ (PROVE)
  12. The __________ (PRODUCT) of cheese in Spain has increased tenfold
  13. I can’t deal with all of this social __________ (PRESS)
  14. I feel great ________ (PROUD) in my academic achievements
  15. I ought to work on my German _____________ (PRONOUNCE)
  16. The injury was extremely __________ (PAIN) at first
  17. We should decrease the amount of plastic ____________ (PACK)
  18. My favourite __________ (PLAY) is Lewis Cook
  19. When you receive the ________ (PAY), let me know



  1. I am a big fan of __________ (RECYCLE)
  2. I have had my car __________ (REPAIR)
  3. Running a marathon was a __________(REMARK) accomplishment
  4. You are so __________ (RELY). Why can´t you just tell me that you are going to be late all the time
  5. Rest and _________ (RELAX) are the most important parts of unwinding
  6. In __________ (RESPOND) to your letter, I think we should ask for some professional advice
  7. Local __________ (RESIDE) were shocked by the damage caused in the earthquake
  8. The loss of civilian lives was __________ (REGRET)
  9. ___________ (REGARD) the cost of the project, it would be better to take out a loan
  10. We had first __________ (REFUSE) on buying the property



  1. Scientists are carrying out a new piece of __________ (SEARCH)
  2. The __________ (SURROUND) area has seen a great deal of investment in recent years
  3. I find it hard to control my budget; my ___________ (SPEND) are through the roof
  4. Thank you for being so __________ (SUPPORT) with my job
  5. Monaco have sacked Henry and ___________ (STATE) Joachim Low
  6. It gives me a great deal of ___________ (SATISFY) to support you on this mission
  7. The ___________ (SUPPORT) of our loyal fans has been crucial
  8. Why are you __________ (STARE) at me?
  9. If at first you don’t __________(SUCCESS), lift yourself up and try again
  10. Do you know the __________ (SOLVE) to question number 14?
  11. I would love to become a ___________ (SCIENCE)
  12. The conditions are __________ (SUIT) for the event to go ahead
  13. Wow, you have really __________ (SURPRISE) me
  14. I am __________ (SURE) of its true value
  15. The __________ (STRONG) of the wind prevented us from taking off
  16. ___________ (SURVIVE) of the fittest was first proposed by Darwin
  17. I am not a very ___________ (SOCIAL) person
  18. I am extremely _________ (SENSE) about the issue of child protection
  19. This house has a lot of __________ (STORE) space
  20. Do you understand the __________ (SIGNIFY) of your actions?
  21. May I make a __________ (SUGGEST)?
  22. My __________ (STUBBORN) will be my downfall
  23. I like rock music, ___________ (SPECIAL) Led Zeplin
  24. I am __________ (SHAME) of my behaviour



  1. Would you do me the favour of telling me the __________ (TRUE)?
  2. It was a _________ (TYPE) B1 error
  3. I am a very ___________ (TOLERATE) person
  4. I was asked to __________ (TEST) in court as an eye witness
  5. I am not the most __________ (TALK) person in the world



  1. His behaviour was extremely __________ (USE) and a little bit odd
  2. It is completely ___________ (UNDERSTAND), don´t worry too much about it



  1. There is a huge __________ (VARY) in ability in this class
  2. Can you put your ___________ (VALUE) in the lockers provided?



  1. An English breakfast is a __________ (WHOLE) meal
  2. What is the __________ (WIDE) of your car?
  3. I am worried about my __________ (WEIGH); I should lose some
  4. Thanks so much for the __________ (WARN) about traffic delays
  5. We should share the __________ (WIN) with the whole team
  6. I am __________ (WORRY) about my son´s progress at school
  7. I have an expensive wireless __________ (WORK) at the office
  8. I am extremely knackered and ________ (WEAR) out
  9. I can’t stand his __________ (WINGE)
  10. Is my computer still under __________ (WARRANT)? I think it is broken
  11. I find it hard to __________ (WIND) at weekends


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