Some language teachers see the recent influx of Apps into the field of language learning as a threat to their profession and it can be alarming to see quick fix advertising campaigns that seem to suggest that a person can master a language in a matter or days or even hours. While this is of course nothing but hot air or an attempt to grab the public’s attention.

It was one of the CEOs of the groundbreaking App Babbel that actually had the bravery to come out and suggest that the only viable way to learn a language was through interaction with another human being. This was a breath of fresh air that we can only applaud. The point we are trying to make here is that the matter at hand is not a contest between technology and traditional learning methods, but a merger of the two that needs to be utilised to enhance skills and the availability of opportunities to learn a foreign language, even on a tight budget.

People who want to start learning a language or simple improve their current language skills should not think of these learning methods as a choice, but as the chance to have even more contact with the language. After all, language learning should not be looked at based on the method used, but better it should be seen as units of time. The more time a person can spend using a language, the better they will get at it. Their are essential other factors, such as motivation and enjoyment but the main point is to actually use a language consistently and for long enough to see the fruits of one’s efforts.

The most important thing is to get the necessary support to reach your language learning goals!

A language learning App should be seen as something that accompanies traditional language courses or other study techniques to ensure that a person actually practices the language sufficiently. Each different App has its purpose, some are focussed on the improvement of vocabulary, some based on translation skills and others are aimed at enhancing listening skills or exam technique, but they are all useful and depending on the individual´s language learning goals, the correct option for their needs. Intercambioidiomas is aimed at enhancing the learner´s interaction and making sure that they speak on a daily basis. We want to encourage language learners to enjoy language learning and not discard useful tools as there is, as with most things, more than one effective method of achieving your goals.

Try our App today and meet other language learners and find ready to use speaking material that will give you the correct platform to launch your language learning. You can opt for a tandem and practice with an native speaker who wishes to learn your mother tongue or you can form study groups with other language learners. All of these possibilities will improve your foreign language level and ensure that you progress accordingly. The most important thing is to get the necessary support to reach your language learning goals!

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